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Catalyst is the first fund of its kind to develop a financial data driven analytics platform, utilizing interactive computing and AI to assess and adjust a multitude of factors to identify and evaluate projects. Inspired by MIT Media Lab’s City Scope Platform, Catalyst has developed its own propriety data analysis tool specifically for use in Qualified Opportunity Zones.

The original platform was developed to simulate the impacts of interventions on urban ecosystems prior to detail-design and execution. Catalyst’s new platform allows us to fully analyze the placement, scale, impact and financial feasibility of these projects. Being the only Opportunity Zone Fund to have developed this proprietary technology, gives us the advantage in deploying funds more effectively and responsibly, and to measure data and impact as the investment matures.

Our approach is to work with cities and municipalities in a highly collaborative fashion, to understand their objectives, and to work with them to achieve their goals through dynamic investment in the right kind of business and real estate projects. 


In addition to the proprietary technology, we have gathered an unprecedented professional team of real-estate industry veterans, investment professionals, visionaries in city and regional planning, and community leaders. This differentiates us from other Opportunity Zone funds.

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